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Aluminium fixing rings

At Tame Industrial we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of aluminium fixing rings. Here we give you all the details

At Tame Industrial we design and develop steel fixing rings made to give a better protection to the systems on which they are placed. It can be applied to practically the entire industry, being leaders in providing solutions for factories and companies dedicated to the industry in general. Request us a quote right now and we will make a design of the fixing rings that you need completely personalized.

We adapt to what you need. Tell us what you want and we will develop it in our workshop

Our steel fixing rings are also available in other materials, such as aluminium or galvanized, depending on the needs of our customers. These rings are practicably adaptable to all systems due to its design that it makes it a useful element, easy to manufacture and install and offering ample guarantees of success. Currently the steel fixing rings that we design and develop in the Tame Industrial workshop are made with a rod of 2,5 mm, which ranges between 3 and 8 mm, depending on the type of part you request.

As specialists in the realization of steel fixing rings at Tame we offer you a global and personalized solution, which starts from the moment you contact us. Before starting the design process we have a personal interview with you just to know in depth the details of the ring in question. Later we develop the piece according to your instructions and we provide it to you in the shortest possible time. At Tame Industrial we stand out for the quality, service and adjusted prices.

Ask us for a personalized quote right now

If you want to know more information about this or another service, contact us through any of the means we have published on this website. You can send us an email or call us by phone. At all times we will serve you with personalized and specialized technical attention. Moreover, we deliver our parts around the world.



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