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Stamping of metal parts


In Tame Industrial we are specialized in the manufacture of all types of parts and components dedicated to the industry in general. Among these outstanding services is the one focused on the stamping of parts that consists in the manufacture of parts by means of pressure presses and molds that allow a fast, economical and very accurate system. If you want us to take care of the development of your piece in a personalized and professional way, please contact us through any of the means that we have published on this website and we will attend you whenever you request it.

We shape the materials 
The stamping of parts is done with large equipment and systems that, through a process of deep drawing, stamping or cutting manage to shape a large amount of materials. At Tame Industrial we work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other elements. As in the rest of the manufacturing processes, the piece is completely tailored to your needs based on a model that you have brought us previously or the designs that we have made together with you. Here there is no room for failure or error, so you can rely on a leading company in the sector.


- Manual stamping.

- Progressive stamping.

- Shaped fasteners.

- Riveting, marking.

- Silhouette and shape cutting.

- Pieces with holes and threads.


Estampación de piezas de metal - Tame Industrial SL


Estampación de piezas de metal - Tame Industrial SL
Tame Industrial - Estampación de piezas de metal
Embutición de tapón en metal - TAME INDUSTRIAL S.L
Estampación de piezas de metal - Tame Industrial SL Fabricación de brida de metal - TAME INDUSTRIAL S.L



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