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Aluminium fixing rings

At Tame Industrial we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of aluminium fixing rings. Here we give you all the details

Our aluminium fixing rings meet all the needs and requirements that you have, since we manufacture them especially for you, attending of the measures, shapes and special designs that you request. Its use can be very varied and it is aimed at different industries, such as automotive, among others. Trust our company, which accumulates years of experience in the sector and be assured of obtaining parts made with the highest levels of effectiveness and quality.

We develop aluminium fixing rings with rods between 4 and 8 millimetres

The aluminium fixing rings that we develop at Tame Industrial are made with rods that range between 4 and 8 millimetres. If you want to make an order or ask our technical team for advice, call us by phone, send us an email or come to see us to our facilities located in Navarcles, really near from Barcelona. We will give you all the technical information you request as well as all those details about the materials and production process that you request. In addition, we also take care of the logistics of the parts, since we send aluminium fixing rings around the world.

Depending on your needs or the nature of the product, we will develop a galvanized fixing ring with some or other characteristics. In any case it is important to comment that all the fixing rings that we develop in our workshop have a tight seal, preventing the leakage of elements or fluids. In addition, we assure you its correct operation, however if you detect any anomaly we ask you to notify us immediately in order to solve the problem.

We work with various materials

Apart from the aluminium fixing rings, at Tame Industrial we also design rings in other materials, equally resistant, such as galvanized or steel, among others. The fact of choosing a material or another depends on the use that the piece will have. If you need our advice, do not hesitate to request it.

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