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Bolt welding

At Tame Industrial we offer a professional bolt welding service

Soldadura de pernosAt Tame Industrial we have extensive experience in the sector of cutting, threading and welding of bolts and other types of industrial parts. Our main customer is the automotive sector, although we actually receive orders from all types of factories and industries from anywhere.

Precision and efficiency are two of the main features of our bolt welding service

We have enough experience and technology to offer a completely efficient and accurate bolt welding service. This type of welding allows us to fix the bolts to a sheet without drilling it, so the remaining connection is much more heterogeneous and perfect (without protrusions, marks or notches that may fail in the future). Therefore, it can be said that the welding of bolts that we perform at Tame Industrial is of first quality and is one of the preferred by our customers.

Safety is a key aspect in the welding of bolts and any other part, since it is necessary that the technician who performs the work do it with all possible guarantees. Subsequently, the welding of bolts also goes through a rigorous quality control, since we cannot afford even the slightest error or our customer would have very negative consequences on the product that manufactures.

Ask us for more information about this service and we will gladly provide it to you

Based on these quality criteria we certify that the test welds have been prepared, welded and tested satisfactorily in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 15614 standard Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials. You can ask for all the accreditations, permits and licenses whenever you want and we will show you them without any problem. At Tame Industrial we offer a safe and transparent bolt welding service. If you want that we make a project to your needs, call us by phone or send us an email and we will present a proposal adapted to your needs and expectations.

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