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Galvanized fixing rings

If you need that we manufacture fixing rings in galvanized material, request them right now

At Tame Industrial we are dedicated, exclusively, to the design and manufacture of galvanized fixing rings, components for filter sleeves and fastening systems in general. Our activity is very specific, so we have the most innovative machines and methods in the sector, which allows us to compete in a specialized and hard market.

We manufacture fixing rings for all types of industry. Ask us

Our galvanized fixing rings are aimed at the industry in general, although at Tame Industrial we have a very wide experience in the filter industrial sector. Tell us what you need, tell us the exact measures that you want, the number of units that you want that we manufacture to you and we will do it. In addition, whenever you want you can order more galvanized fixing rings, since we will keep your order history in our computer system.

At Tame Industrial, apart from designing and manufacturing galvanized fixing rings, we also do it in other materials that are equally resistant, such as aluminium or steel. In addition, we are also specialized in the manufacture of another series of parts and components such as filters, strips (perforated and flat) and plates for filtration systems. Let us help you with a serious service, with a good quality and a wide guarantee. We have a lifetime dedicated to the study of galvanized fixing rings, which makes us the best option.

What is galvanized material?

Our galvanized fixing rings have been manufactured by the process that meets all the standards and requirements imposed by the European Union. Galvanization is a process by which a zinc coating is obtained on a surface of iron or steel. It is a very resistant material to the passage of time, wear and corrosion, so from Tame Industrial we recommend it without a mistake. Trust us and get products manufactured by us with all the guarantees of safety and quality.

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