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MIG MAG arc welding

At Tame Industrial we are specialized in the realization of MIG MAG arc welding, TIG welding and projection welding, among others.

One of the services we offer at Tame Industrial is dedicated to MIG MAG arc welding, we do this work manually using the newest technological machinery. The robot dedicated to MIG MAG arc welding consists of six axes supported on a rotating table with three axes.

¿What is MIG MAG welding?

MIG MAG arc welding consists in the welding of two elements to each other through an arc under protective gas with consumable electrodes. It has the advantage that it is a simple process to execute with excellent final results; our specialist technicians will take special care so that everything is perfectly sealed and welded, so that the surface remains sealed and free of any impurity or defect.

At Tame Industrial we specialize in the welding of elements in general, which means that apart from MIG MAG arc welding we also develop TIG welding, projection welding and spot welding. We work with several types of materials like iron, stainless steel and aluminium with varied characteristics. The main difference between MIG MAG welding and TIG welding is that TIG welding uses tungsten gas while the MIG MAG welding uses metal protective gas.

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This type of welding is suitable for practically any order made by our customers. If you are interested in this or another service you just have to contact us through phone or email, tell us exactly what you need and we will provide you with a quote without obligation. At Tame Industrial we are to help you to be more effective in your productive tasks.

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