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Parts threading for Automotive

In Tame Industrial we perform the parts threading for automotive and any other sector of activity

Roscado de piezas para automociónSpecialized companies in automotive parts threading, such as our, are usually workshops that have been working for many years and have extensive experience in cutting, manufacturing and threading all types of parts. It is a very precise work, which has no margin for error, for this reason Tame Industrial is known among our customers for the quality of the finishes and for the excellent service that we provide to the public.

We use the technique of parts threading in automatic, which allows us to obtain excellent results

In our workshop we perform threaded parts for the automotive industry and for other types of sectors, this being the first one that generates the greatest volume of work. We use the technique of parts threading in automatic (since it is more effective, faster and contributes to have better results) up to metric 10 with rolling and cutting. If you want that we manufacture the threaded parts for your application to your vehicle production chain, contact us or send us an email and explain the specifications that you need. We do not need to remind you that all cutting and threading work is completely personalized, taking care of even the smallest detail.

In order to satisfactorily develop all of our work of parts threading for automotive and other sectors of activity is essential to have two fundamental axes: a staff of committed and experienced workers, and the newest technological machinery, which is reviewed and updated continuously. Regarding the technical material we can say that we have machines that allow the threading of parts for automotive with up to nine threads in a single operation, something that adjusts the times and, in turn, allows us to compete in terms of prices and rates in a very equal sector.

Regarding the type of thread we work with rolling and cutting, depending on the characteristics of the piece that you request. In addition, we can manufacture the item with a special measure, as long as it can be done by our machines.

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