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Projection welding

If you need us to take care of the welding of your parts through the projection system, call us right now

At Tame Industrial we are specialized in three very well differentiated areas of activity: component manufacturing, parts threading and welding of all kinds of elements. About this last service, we can say that we are experts in projection welding or also known as resistance welding. It is a type of welding that has a great resistance and allows applying to each one of the pieces one or several extrudes something that the rest of welds do not allow.

¿What is the projection? We tell you

It is a welding technique that gives a defined point a series of electrical conduction. When we are welding several pieces through the projection welding, what we do is to place one piece over the other and join each other at that defined point, due to the large surface electrodes that will pass through them. It is, in fact, a power stroke under the pressure of the electrodes.

There are many advantages offered by projection welding compared to other types of welding, such as MIG-MAG, TIG or spot welding, among others. The most important benefits are that a longer life of the piece is obtained, the profiles and joining elements are perfectly defined and parts that allow high volume production applications are obtained. Do not wait more time and get in touch with us right now to ask for a quote or more information about the characteristics of the service.

Our projection welding system is fully homologated

Regarding materials, at Tame Industrial we work with stainless steels, aluminium or iron. Ask us what you need and we will develop it especially for you. Remember that our test welds have been prepared, welded and tested satisfactorily in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 15614 standard Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.


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