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Threaded inserts

We manufacture threaded inserts for metal and other materials

The manufacture and distribution of threaded inserts is one of the specialties that we offer to our customers at Tame Industrial. Our company focuses its activity on the realization of all types of components, parts welding, cold stamping and threading of parts of different characteristics and for very diverse uses. At Tame Industrial we work for all types of industry, being our strong point the industrial sector, for which it manufactures a large number of completely customized parts with specific characteristics.

We are specialists in the realization of threaded metal inserts

¿What type of threaded insert do you need? It doesn’t matter, since in our factory we are able to develop all kinds of parts. We follow your instructions and we make a design that allows you to attach the thread to the specific piece, without any error. In fact, our threaded inserts are manufactured specifically to achieve threads that have great resistance to vibrations and torsion. Regarding the materials, we can manufacture them in aluminium, or any other element that you indicate.

Our innovative system and our newest technological machinery allow us to manufacture exclusive parts with specific designs (we can make the design if you ask us to do it) or make parts that replace others that are worn and that are endangering all the assembly line of your factory. The idea is that they fit perfectly to the concrete piece, without using any other element, such as washers or adhesive materials. Our pieces will maintain the complete tightness of the area and resist long working hours with the machine working. Anyway, if you detect any anomaly, you can always contact us and we will try to solve it immediately. At Tame Industrial we are to make things easy for you when we are working with you.

We use two different methods: Threaded inserts by rolling or cutting

The threaded inserts and the internal threading of industrial parts that are executed at Tame Industrial can be through two methods: by rolling and by cutting. In turn you can make two different forms: metric or special, whatever you prefer. In addition, it is important to highlight that the main process of these parts starts with laser, stamping or through the manual mechanized, depending on the characteristics of the product that have been requested. If you want that we realize a personalized part that you urgently need, call us right now by phone or send us an email and we will answer you as soon as possible. At Tame Industrial we offer you a completely personalized customer attention.

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