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Fixing squares

At Tame Industrial we manufacture squares, rings and fixing rectangles. Our service is completely personalized

At Tame Industrial we are specialized in the manufacture of filters and in the fixing systems of these filters, with great mechanical resistance to vibrations and to external particles.Between these fixing elements we stand out our fixing squares, elements that we develop personalized to your needs. It is a completely personalized work, since we take into account the needs you have, the measures you need and the characteristics of the piece in general. Ask us for information without obligation right now and we will give you all the details. Subsequently, we will deliver the parts to your factory or facilities on the date we have indicated.

The final quality of the fixing squares is one of our main concerns

For us the final quality of the piece and its usability are fundamental factors, which we take into account when we manufacture fixing squares. Depending on the needs that you have or the general characteristics that you need, we can develop the pieces in aluminium, iron or steel. You just have to tell us the specific measures you need and we make a design especially for you. Also, if you already have the piece itself or the plan with its design, you can provide it us and we will work based on that model. The options we give you are endless, to achieve the exact and concrete piece that you need.

Of course, delivery times are also a main factor that we take into account when we deliver the fixing squares, since we are aware that in many cases their delivery on time is something essential for your company. Quality, speed, efficiency, design ... what else do you need to trust Tame Industrial? We have everything your company needs, to which we add the completely personalized attention we provide and the professionalism of our entire staff. Call us right now and we will specify all the details of the fixing squares that you need.

Ask us for a quote right now. We offer you the best quality –price relation in the sector.

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