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Surface coatings

The last process we carry out at Tame Industrial consists in the surface coating of the piece

Recubrimientos superficiales

At Tame Industrial we offer you professional services that consist of the manufacture of all types of components, parts threading, welding of different elements and, finally, we make one of the most complicated and important processes: the surface coatings of all these parts . It is a vitally important service, since it allows the piece to have sufficient quality and safety to function properly for much longer. Call us by phone explain what you need and tell us the coating you want to do in the piece, at Tame Industrial we are here to comply with all your special instructions.

Safety and quality are the two elements that we have in mind when we manufacture, weld or make the special coatings of all the parts we have manufactured, therefore, we have to guarantee to all of our customers that 100% of the parts they purchase are going to work properly and they will not have any problem.

What are surface coatings?

First of all, we will explain in more detail what surface coatings are and why they are so important in the manufacturing process of the parts that we manufacture. It is an easy service to explain but something more complicated to perform: it consists simply in the application on the piece of a small thickness of a particular material directly on the metal. This material, in contact with the metal, causes the surface to become an original metal oxide element, much more resistant.

So that all of our pieces can go through the process of special coatings, we must first prepare the surface of the pieces, clean them well, so that there is no problem of adhesion between the materials. Once the piece is washed and polished, then we start the special coatings, which can be made of different materials, depending on your needs.

If you want to know more about this service, get in touch with Tame Industrial through any of the means that we have provided on this website and we will answer any question that you may have. Remember that our goal is to offer the highest quality and safety at the best price.

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