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Screw welding

Our screw welding service is essential to fix the piece on the surface on which it has to be placed

One of the most outstanding services that we put at your disposal in Tame Industrial s the welding of screws, bolts and any other part that we have manufactured. In this way, we leave it fixed on the surface on which it has to be placed and make sure that it will work correctly throughout its useful life.

Normally the method of screws welding that we use consists of MIG / MAG welding, this tool has three welding cells and a rotating table support, which facilitates the work and speeds up the welding process of all the screws of the piece. In addition, at Tame Industrial we use another series of methods, depending on the physical characteristics of the piece in question or the needs that you have. We are talking about TIG screw welding (which is the most technical welding), also called projection or resistance welding and, finally, the spot welding. In all cases we guarantee a perfect welding of screws and bolts, without any error.

We make screw welding with different techniques and using different materials

As for the materials, as we have said on other occasions, we are able to perform the welding of screws perfectly, regardless of the material in which they are manufactured. This means that it does not matter if they are made in iron, stainless steel or aluminium, since we have the concrete machines for each type of welding. The sector that most requests our service of screws welding is the automobile sector, although we work practically for all types of industries. We ship anywhere around the world.

Call us right now, ask us what you need and we will get to work immediately, so that you have the pieces in your factory on the agreed day and time. At Tame Industrial we take care that all the points of our contract are strictly fulfilled.

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